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Once again a chat with some good girls at a party last week we had some great discussions about ourselves and who we were and this prompted this week’s blog.
Basically we were discussing how we handled the dual roles of boy and girl.  Because I like little boxes and trying to help people understand themselves I felt we had 3 personality types in our group.  Now I know its wrong to put people into boxes but it helps to clarify our mind sets.
So I think we had the following:

  1. The TS – a person who is a woman trapped in a man’s body and only feels right when she will have the look and the feel of a real woman. Most will have said that they felt like this from a very early age and they can only release their true self through a full operation to remove offending male bits. But recently I have met some TS’s who have identified much later in life that exposing their female side has resulted in them becoming a much calmer and more satisfied person in themselves. Because of psychological analysis of themselves hormones and the appreciation of society they seem to have found an identity which was missing in their past or has been reawakened. There was never a drive to transform just a realisation that the more they went down the TS route the more happy they feel within themselves and as a result the more accepting they are of this new reality. It was great to see Kelly (Frank) Maloney come out this week in the news…I think a book is in the offing!!
  2. alice6The Transvestite – basically a man who likes to dress from time to time. This person tries to keep the female and male personalities highly distinct. They get a really big kick from the change in their mindset from male to female. They love the fact that in their normal life their dress and activities are fairly staid and only come alive when they dress. These girls have a tendency towards the more sexy erotic part of dressing. They love to expose flesh through short skirts and vulgar high heels. Their mannerisms and activities accentuate the femininity. Watch their hand movements, probably over exaggerated, they love to stroke their sexy stockings, they tend to be a bit coquettish as they are flirting with themselves as much as with others. The whole presentation is a reflection of an ideal person they have at the back of their minds they want to replicate. Some say this is the ideal woman they want to bed, but I disagree that is too simple a summary. Maybe initially, but after a while it is the whole look and feel of the person they want to think of themselves as presenting to others. The flip from boy to girl mode gives them an incredible rush as an almost schizophrenic personality arrives. It also gives many a lovely mask to hide behind and allows them to show a more extrovert personality than they might otherwise not have in boy mode
  3. The Androgen – a person who is blending the male and female persona into an identity that can switch between either gender orientation. This person tries to incorporate many of the female elements of dressing into their day-to-day male dress, opting for unisextops and bottoms that  blur gender identity. Their mannerisms can become more relaxed and effete..Posture tends to become more angular  they grow their hair longer than straight and become a blur of roles. When dressed in girl mode they tend to adopt more traditional ‘acceptable’ dress types for their age group and see going out down the street fully dressed as just a part of who they are not an alternative personality. They blur all gender barriers and see dressing as just an extension of their personality, rather than creating a new one!IMG_0875
2013-10-12 00.08.16OK I am sure there are others such as panty wearers and others who get a sexual kick out of wearing particular items of the opposite sex. But I am referring to those who go out dressed in public as a part of their real life, not just ones that get a quick wank of some item of clothing that gives them a ‘hit’.
Of course from my writings you can see I fall into category 2. I love the whole process of turning from the boy to the girl. I can’t do this in 20 minutes. I need about 2 hours during which the ritual of preparation and selection of what Tara will wear occurs. Costs me a bloody fortune as I normally think I need  a treat and have to buy myself something for that particular event! These actions of selection and preparation changes my mindset which I absolutely adore. My girlfriend knows that I need that time to myself in order to bring out the true Tara otherwise, I just feel like a  cock in a frock! It is the mental stimulation that drives my inner and outer feelings. Though I have to say when dressed I do feel very sexy!