As any of you who read this blog regularly know I am a Transvestite. That means to me a person who likes to dress as and take on a particular type of female persona as best as I possibly can. In my case I like a sexy/slutty/tarty look. This distinguishes me from the pantywearer, the crossdresser and transsexual. The greatest buzz I get is melding into  my female mindset. The change however is only complete if I master certain basics, particularly as I would never say I am a passable girl. But then again I never thought or wanted to be. I am a tranny the third gender hence I have not said in the opening title 10 ideas to help you pass. Its more suggestions to help you be more acceptable in today’s society and have more fun.

Given the length of time I have been dressing I thought I would list the top 10 things I think you have to do as a tranny in order to enjoy things and gain some respect. Hopefully others will add to the list or discuss the ideas in follow up posts.

  1. Dump The Fuzz – hairiness might be closer to godliness but for the Tranny it is the worst visible outward look. I know we have all learnt to shave in one particular way but for the closest of shaves  you have to vary your approach. For example I find that a 3 blade razor works better on my face and a 5 blade better on the body, otherwise its nicks and cuts all over the pace! Waxing and other things are also available but the aim should be for smoothness and the first time you put stockings on cool shaven legs…oh boy. See Shave  
  2. Body Shape – Lets get real here none of us are the perfect shape. Men in general have broader shoulders, bigger trunks, smaller breasts, fatter waists,  slimmer bottoms and in general more shapely legs than women (I know the last one from my days working in the hosiery industry when we used men for our stockings adverts!). In order to emulate the female form you need to adopt a shape that moves that beer gut upwards and downwards to create that shapely hourglass. Start with the breasts you can find plenty of sites but for good value I have always liked  the Forever Young Breast Forms which can be found at  Amazon . You should not pay more than £40 realistically unless you want to make a big show of them and then I would recommend you should go to  The Breastform Store or just type in breastforms on Ebay. After breasts comes the waist and a corset is crucial a steel boned one that pulls the waist in and gives shape. It has to be either a waist cincher or underbust and a good place to start is Oh You Pretty Thing who are really tranny friendly as you need a lot of advice at the start. Finally the bottom. Sorry if you are a skinny one but you are lucky and can make amends by buying a some hip pads. You can get these really inexpensively from eBay or Amazon and the pull on ones are great for tucking as well (see later|). If you are a bigger girl then don’t bother!
  3. Wigs – Hair is that brilliant factor that defines the face and hides so many of our defects. I have rarely seen a mature tranny whose own hair looks so female. We recede, thin and bald quicker than women so the wig is the main  addition we have to consider. It just completes the look. If like me you have a big neck and largish ears then long will suit you better than short. You have to look at the shape of your face and a good guide is the How to determine your face shape. Then follow on to look at what hairstyle suits your shape and so on.
  4. Foundation – mastering the art of make-up will take you a lifetime but do experiment once you have learnt the basics and the most basic is mastering the base layer of covering the beard and foundation. Once you have this right in effect you have the canvass onto which you can draw whatever you want. But if 5 o’clock shadow is showing through or the surface colours are uneven or you look whiter that the ghost of Canterville then anything you put on top will not take away the underlying problem. After that you can work on highlighting and contouring then eyes lips etc. oh God it goes on and on! Here is a starting link Foundation but a really good follow up by the same guy is Make Up Secrets .
  5. Cleavage – Of all the things I do as a tranny this is probably the oddest but the one that get the most comments. I love forming tits from my own chest and this video (Nude Bra)was my inspiration rather than the Taping method other suggest  another good video is  Boobs Contouring as is this Contouring Video
  6. Legs – this is a bias of mine…sorry! One of the main reasons I love dressing is to be able to show off my legs in stockings below a shorter skirt. This is what Trannys do, crossdressers feel just as happy in a pair of jeans or trousers like a man wears . Trannys love showing off those pins. But remember you gotta shave and pale or blemished legs have gotta have colour Mac (yes expensive) make a great product called Face and Body Foundation that covers the blemishes and gives the legs a glow. Other companies make products that are spray on tints but I have found these wear off quickly and unevenly, and the mess they leave on sheets yecch! Personally to add to this I rarely recommend that my sisters wear anything less than 10 denier hose unless they have supermodel skin and support hose are so good for shape!
  7. Sitting – the amount of girls I see with their legs wide open or crossed on top  showing the entire wedding tackle to the world because that is how they normally sit is amazing so try this video as a starter but there are plenty more You Tube links
  8. Walk In High Heels – OK I have a heel fetish but generally learning how to walk as a woman and in particular in high heels is crucial. How many Trannys do I see walking down the street with a male gait looking like a gorilla in Stillettos! Shoulders rounded and hunched, arms stiff stuck out at the elbows. moving with straight legs not thrown from the waist. They put all their time into putting on great make up and the  clothes but are so obvious in their longer stride and way of walking. Such a shame. Here are a couple of videos – Walk Like A Woman and Walk In High Heels as a starter
  9. Tucking – unless you are wearing a bell tent there is nothing worse than seeing the unsightly male bulge poking out from the groin area of a shot tight dress. We want at least the allure of femininity and for me this is about learning to tuck away the crown jewels. It takes only a few practices to make it happen See this nice article on Tucking
  10. Confidence – this is an impossible one but the fact is that many Trannys cannot pass and when out will get clocked and its a case of how they deal with it  that is crucial. You have two options (well three if you include RUN!) you either take the shrinking violet approach or adopt the Sean Bean (as Tracie in Tracie’s Story) or  Chiwetel Ejiofor (Lola in Kinky Boots). Both show that they are more readily acceptable if they are more confident in the whole persona they portray. You have decided on this route and a confident approach works wonders on the road to acceptance.

So those are my top tips. I have not yet gone into Voice (which we all get wrong), Eyebrows, False Eyelashes , Contouring, Nails, Ear Piercing, bag and purse etiquette, etc. etc etc. But its a starting point and I would love to hear others opinions XXX

Other videos that might help 10 Things  or Creating Misty Haven and do look at many of the great Male to female vids on You Tube.