A friend of mine has decided to give up dressing in order to save his relationship with a woman he loves because she cannot stand him being a Tranny, nor his Tranny friends. I do support him in this, in part, because Trannying to the bulk of us is a great pastime or hobby but not the meaning of life. When 80% of your life is spent in man mode, which you also enjoy, then why should the 20% femme side start to dominate how you should be for the whole of your life.
However from my own bitter experience I would say that whilst you can stop for a period of time I personally don’t believe you can give it up altogether. You purge your wardrobe but the urge to dress does return or at least continues to stay at the back of your mind. If you can stop I think you have a very strong mindset or a great way of controlling your inner self or you have had enough and think it was just a phase you were going through…not!Is It Me
I believe, as I have said in previous posts,  that the urge to dress is innate and manifests itself in numerous ways either as a basic desire to look a particular way that makes you feel very sexy or feminine or as a coping mechanism that lets out the feminine side of your personality allowing you to relax and live in the moment. We (Trannies) have to sate these needs from time to time and we never quite know when they will arise. But we can’t say hey darling I am going to dress every Thursday evening from 7 until 10pm. And please do not confuse this with cross-dressing which is really about sexual fantasies linked to particular items of women’s clothing.Yes we all have that in part but Transvestism is about the inner feminine side finding a way to manifest itself.
To try to ensure that we do not give in to ‘the dark side’ we purge our wardrobes, close our social media accounts and throw out any communications devices that we own that might tempt us back into this lifestyle. The act of purging in itself is quite exciting as you persuade yourself into thinking you are turning a new page in your life and you can now look forward to a life without ‘the girl’, because you have been told it’s the wrong thing to do. But in reality it does not address the core issue of why you like dressing, it only moves temptation out of sight.It does not cure anything it just hides it!
After a period of time, from my personal experience, those thoughts and the urge to dress do return. What initially prompts it can be many-fold be it the sight of a woman dressed in a particular way, home problems, personal pressures or sexual issues. The fact is that this is a side of your personality that has to exist in some form or other. It is part of your nature. Yes of course you can stop it just like drinking, smoking, coffee or sugar as it can be detrimental to your lifestyle. But denying it may, no sorry, does cause mild stress over a period of time. It nags away at the back of your mind  and the girl does need to be let out.
At first it can be just the sight of a pair of heels on a woman friend a short skirt which can start the memories flooding back. Its a day when you look in the mirror and say I can look so much better than this. Its the lack of sex for a few days/weeks that somehow gets twisted into the sexy feelings you had when dressed. Its the sudden realisation that the dinner party talk amongst your friends is no longer that exciting and you miss being able to discuss the fun of dressing up. Its an article in the news that triggers those old desires. All these things conspire to bring ‘the girl’ back into your mind. How strong and sustained these thoughts are varies but drop by drop they fill up the bucket. Eventually the bucket spills over and ‘it/she’ emerges in your thoughts. How you control this I cannot say, but it is a kind of addiction.
Trans FlagI find as I have got older the intensity of wanting to dress has waned, a little. Don’t get me wrong it is still there but the strength of the need has lessened. But I think this is more to do with the fact that nowadays I can dress when I want. I no longer have to wait weeks or months before the next dressing so the pent up frustration that is unloaded when I dress is not as powerful, or so memorable.
I can remember in the past when I had, for personal reasons, to stop dressing for 4 or 5 months and the immense release of joy/excitement I got from seeing myself dressed in the mirror after that period of time, knowing full well I was where I wanted to be, but only for a short period of time. I didn’t have to do it all the time. I was suddenly relaxed, I was able to switch off from the pressures of life and enjoy the feminine side of my personality that had been denied for so long. I knew it was wrong (as everybody seemed to tell me) but I also knew it was intrinsically right for me and I had to do it from time time.
Unfortunately this was carried out behind the back of my partner. Some say this was pure selfishness on my part and they are probably right as it was a cause for the end of a relationship, but to have denied it would have caused as many problems for me, without it I would have burst!
There are some mad/lucky Trannies who have also had these repressed feelings who, for many reasons, suddenly have the freedom (and have the money) to indulge in this activity at their whim. They are usually the ones who for a short time go absolutely mad  for it, dressing at every opportunity buying far too many clothes going out too much and ‘the girl’ dominates their waking hours. Suddenly they realise they have over indulged and immediately regress back into male mode eschewing all the fun of dressing. They take a break thinking right that’s it I have done that and its over. But it’s not.
Its good as I said in my blog A Break Is A Good Thing  to take an occasional break from dressing because it can become the norm by default. We start to do it without thinking because its a good place to be, particularly at times of stress. Having time off allows you to reflect on how deep the urge to dress is within you. We always need perspective as to why we do it.
If on reflection you find you are thoroughly frustrated at not being able to dress enough of the time then I would contend you are moving more down the TS route than the TV. ‘TV’s are blokes who like to wear a frock from time to time’ as one of my friends says. But TV’s are intrinsically happy with their male side a well, dressing is just a strong emotional outlet and a way of expressing an inner self as well as being a great relaxing mechanism. To want to dress most of the time means you are probably happier with your feminine side and as such identify much more strongly with that side/part of your personality. No you are not necessarily a woman just happier when the girl side is out. It allows you to express yourself in a way that is much more in tune with your persona. Trannies tend to be more thrill seekers who are out for a short-term hit where they can release the girl but just as easily put her back in the box. Its a fun pastime not the meaning of life.tumblr_ml9ueoJbJb1s5i28jo1_500
This however becomes even more interesting as we approach our mature days. The testosterone in our bodies starts to decline and the feminine softer side (which has always been there) emerges in a much stronger way.  There can be great conflicts between the TV and TS side as we may find more solace in the female form. Quite a few of my older Tranny friends say they would have had the chop if the whole thing was more acceptable in the past as it is today. I would say in contradiction that their bodies then were in a different chemical composition and now was not then, the testosterone caused an imbalance in one direction that now wants to rectify itself in some of us. Or we just may have more time to explore the other side at our leisure. It’s one for a future blog.
I think though being able to give up the T side is a very admirable gesture but I also believe the drive within is also very strong. The imbalance this can cause to your system can be detrimental (Assuming the drive is strong). You really do not want stress as its one of the biggest killers. You don’t want loneliness either especially away from the one you love. So a way forward will have to be found that does not mess up your mind too much..Aaargh!