Time for a fun night out. Has been such a long time since I last went to a great fetish event. I am much more of one who loves to watch rather than participate in the harder things that can go on at such events. So finding that the weekend ball was going to be a mix of 5 different clubs namely  Decadence  Subversion  Imaginariam Wonderland  and Bound! we just had to go. My partner and I are just gun play partners being lightly Dom and Sub so we go to watch and exhibit a little. The overriding feel was see and be seen. For trannies the skirts were short heels were higher everyone made an effort to impress and people who did not got nowhere near the entrance.

LFW2013-1st-flyer-small The event was very busy and incredibly erotic and highly sexually charged. The variety of fetish on show truly covered most of the fetish scene. It was not a place to put your feet up, unless it was in rope bondage. I adored seeing so many clever fashion folk who obviously had spent a lot of money on making themselves look as they did.

These people are out to enjoy their life and express it in a different form to many others. What is surprising is the diversity of age and sex that come here.  Almost everybody wants to watch others. You do not come to an event like this without a serious amount of eye contact. People come here to be playful and this place feels so much safer than other bars and clubs because the attendees have an overriding respect for one another. All are friendly and love to chat with strangers and just enjoy the whole aspect of the event. My only problem as an older tart is I hate the music. I just wish with such a diverse age group they would focus on some floor fillers .

One of the problems however for the uninitiated  (poorly informed) is that they see these these type of events as a sordid adventure populated by aggressive vulgar people who are mildly depraved. Instead a nice night in with Bruce Forsyth is a more pleasurable experience.

When you meet these people you find intelligent creative people with a warm soul who like to push the boundaries beyond the norm. The thought, time and effort they put into this type of event is just incredible. Yes of course it is sexy. That is a core of many beings and this gives them an outlet to express this sensual aspect of their personality.

What I love most is that it gets you to use your brain. Nothing is passive here. If you enjoy expanding your mind and don’t want to be a vegetable by the age of 50 use and get along there. Nothing shocks and the only barrier is your own fears. You will not be the oldest, youngest, ugliest, sexiest or most outlandish there is always someone more wayward than you!

Thanks guys for organising such a great event xxx T