The other day the girlfriend and I were having one of those regular meaningful discussions we have about how we approach the whole Tara issue. I am a very lucky person that I have an understanding (or reasonably understanding) partner with whom I can discuss this part of my life. This time it revolved around what I get out of being Tara when I am dressed and how it affects our relationship.

As many of you who will have read this blog know I do like to keep the boy and the girl very separate…even down to sex and sexuality! I have always said that there is a boy mindset and a Tara mindset. I enjoy flipping between both but it does not happen immediately, in my case it takes around 36-48 hours and during that period there are certain rituals that I indulge to make the transformation very very pleasurable. That will be the subject for another blog I think!heelsnlegs
Once I am dressed I make no bones I feel turned-on. Many trannies say that they have stopped feeling sexy when dressed and now just see dressing as a normal part of their Transvestite activities. Many look down on me as a mature tranny wearing short skirts high heels and plenty of make-up that only a girl of 25 or less would consider wearing. Sorry darlings just deal with it and stop trying to dictate your lifestyle on us errant sluts. We love it! Sexual dimorphism rules (one for the dictionary I think!).
The problem is when dressed and a little turned-on how does a girl express this. I see there are three distinct results. First you can just sit down and have a nice chat with others whilst at the same time stroking those shaven stocking clad legs and admiring yourself in the nearest mirror. I pointed this out to my girlfriend who runs a dressing service called Chateau Femme. She said when a girl is dressed they either start to stroke themselves, dance or sing. She adores this transformation.
The second option is you can take a wander round the bar, restaurant or club strutting your stuff and engaging in flirty conversation with your admirers occasionally alluding to things that they might wish for but never get. There is a fine line between flirting and a full suggestive come-on that can be completely misconstrued. Techniques for this can be found on the TVChix forum pages.
Finally you can go to the bar and wait for an admirer (of any sex) to come up and chat you up then go off and play with them as you see fit. OK there are other options such as going on stage to do a provocative dance or whoring yourself out, but I do see them as simply version of these three types.
Now for me its fine to have a regular night in and chat over the dinner table with friends having great conversation, but somehow at the end of the night it leaves me a little flat when I am dressed, or particularly when I am trowelling all that slap off in front of the bathroom mirror. No intimate dalliances, no sexual nuances no erotic suggestions! A girl has put a lot of effort into looking this cheap and she needs some form of affirmation that what she has done, and is feeling about herself, is valid. Many of us have dressed as our ideal fantasy other half and we get turned on by the look. But remember its a fantasy…not reality! So of course one of the best ways of gaining that stamp of approval is by engaging in a little flirting, which is of course what I do.
IMG_0838Other girls become very turned-on by dressing. It alters their sexuality and sexual mindset. Whilst they would never dream of having some form of sexual contact  with a man, as a man, they become more open to suggestion when dressed. Some like a bit of a fun chase but others enjoy the occasional kill. Its again that whole ratification of their new persona and appeals to their own deep need for sexual experience. It is testimony that they are attractive to others having put a heavy shift in at the make-up counter! Many T-Girls are attracted to T-Girls purely because they look so damn good…the kill can be less so endearing!
Me I have been down many dead ends in trying to understand what Tara is about, its still ongoing, but above all she is a flirt and loves to tease a bit. This of course rankles with missus. She,quite rightly, says ‘what if I and my girlfriends got dressed up as slappers and went out on the pull how would you feel?’ I of course answered by saying the wrong thing and said ‘great!’ What is sauce for the gander is sauce for the gander. But what I should have said is I don’t try to pull. There is a hell of a distinction to being flattered and chatting up someone purely because you like whole frisson of a quick conversation that you dwell on for less than a couple of minutes. It is completely different to spend a long time in deep sexually driven conversation leading to heavy frustration by the fact that he/she thought they were ‘in’ and the fact you were just doing it for a bit of fun! Girls you know what it is like from their side don’t go so far that you know you will piss them off at the end of the night.
Anyway few people except possibly cuckolds like seeing their partner strutting their stuff around a bar whilst they have to wait for them to finish doing ‘the circuit’, Its not fair! Suffice to say Tara’s nights out dressed with the girlfriend will be more restricted and she will probably be left to her own devices. Such is it when you love a genuine, good, honest, decent, caring and adorable woman who allows you to be you, even if it will be a little less of the time!!!
Thanks by the way to the American who came up to the bar at the Way Out club the other night and bought 3 trannies a drink at a cots of £32 because he thought we were gorgeous and then left…perfect or what! Now that’s the ideal flirt!