People often ask me why are you a TV, or how did you become one? The answer is extremely difficult for most of us to answer and I am no different. Nobody said this is what you should do they said this is what you shouldn’t do. It’s something that is quite deep within you and hidden. It that has to be let out of the box every so often.  In my case it is something I hide behind that allows me to indulge in certain fetishistic practices that I cannot, no that’s wrong do not want to enjoy as a normal man. My first ever memories are of being fascinated seeing a pair of tights (15 denier) worn by a genie in a Pantomime. My Grandmother sewed 2 pairs of stockings together for me and I was hooked.


From then on this became a source of sexual fantasy. However it remained dormant fantasy for many years until it was reawakened in my thirties.


Let me firstly give you an idea of what I mean by my type of Transvestite (TV), because there is a vast continuum that is the Trans community. From the person who has a fetish for a particular piece of women’s clothing to a Transsexual who has had all the operations and lives fully as a woman, you have an astonishing variety of people. I believe a TV is a person who dresses in female attire to be as convincing as possible. So this includes all the aspects However where this differs from a Transsexual is that this is only a temporary act indulged in for their own personal gratification of exploring another identity.

So the next question is what type of TV are you? This is easier now I am much more mature in years and as I have experimented along the continuum that is the gender play umbrella. Note by the way I do not use the word trans-gender as I see this as a word used for people who genuinely want to manifest some core aspect of female identity, which I do not. I identify myself as a fetishistic TV. someone who obtains certain excitement from dressing and the play associated with this activity. When the excitement and thrill subsides I am sure the desire to dress will decline as well. Though I have met so many TV’s in their 70’s wher the drive is still there, so there is plenty to come!

The first time I really started to get into and accept my alter ego Tara was following a visit to a mistress when I was in my early thirties. Straight sex was fun but there was something niggling away inside of me that wanted more. I said to her that ‘I was looking for something different’. Not exactly original! However I am grateful that she sat me down and asked me many questions about my sexuality. She persevered and took the time to discover some things about me that lay hidden. She suggested a transformation and I rewarded her with 10 years of devoted service as her TV subby.

For me transforming myself into an idealised female persona is hobby. As I dress myself, put on make-up, heels and wigs I feel my demeanor alter, may actions become lighter less direct, I can genuinely feel another person emerging as  my mindset changes. The Americans call it a ‘Mind Fuck’ and I concur wholeheartedly . I absolutely adore letting this horny sexy slut out of the box on a temporary basis. As I dress myself I can physically feel my persona changing into an erotic sexy animal that has wild desires that I feel I can indulge. Yes of course I hide behind this mask. In ‘vanilla’ life I could not participate in these activities. The constraints of society have ensured that these traits lie buried until the transformation is complete. When it does a horny slut emerges to enjoy herself.

This is a form of temporary escape that allows me to become a sexual toy that loves to play with others of a similar sexual persuasion. I do not see myself as gay but want to play with all others who have a similar sexual mindset. This is mainly with women or other TV’s as I tend to find them on the same wavelength. However I have enjoyed being the dominant mistress with hairless subs of all persuasions. I find I am just not on the same wavelength of the macho hairy men.

I have tried many aspects of sex but in the main enjoy a mild sub/dom BDSM environment which involves dressing up roleplay,Img_2960(sm) teasing and restraint. I do not enjoy hard play in the form of pain or bodily fluids but adore denial, nipple play, anal penetration and cock and ball restraint.

My ideal roleplay game is being the sexy slut of a mistress being trained in all aspects of erotic sensual domination and slut play for her pleasure, including body worship and sexual activity for her pleasure. But details on that is for a later blog