OK this is just a copy from my TVChix page but its a must for anyone in the closet or thinking about whether to go out or not. tumblr_lf4fg20Y4N1qf4898o1_250

Well a new year came and went and my age hasn’t changed on my profile, never mind, the brain’s mental age has not so why should age matter, until you see some of the stunning girls there are at TV Chix. A big big thank you to Stella for the effort she has put into the number one TV site for us all. You have made a genuine difference.

My rant for this year is more a plea to those in the closet. For far, far too long I stopped myself from going out. Fear of not looking right, fear of looking so horrible in the presence of others, fear of what my family, friends and other people thought about me, fear of showing the world that I was indulging in what was seen by others as a sordid pastime and above all fear of being discovered. It took me 25 years before I dressed regularly and then a further 5 years before I started to go out, thanks to the internet and more acceptance of TV’s. 30 years wasted (well maybe 20!). I still have not come out to my nearest and dearest and that is a frustrating worry. Fear is the biggest barrier you can encounter try to look a it rationally. The bulk of people are not phased by trannys, in fact I would say the bulk of people are welcoming. There a minority of people who find it disgusting but these are Daily Mail readers who believe in conspiracy theories and small issues blown to become major pieces to fill the front pages. 

I now of course regret the delay in accepting who I am and the lost years of frustration and sometimes anger I got through denying my lifestyle. Now I enjoy myself and indulge as I see fit. Yippee for me but just a little late for the looks. The wrinkles and general malaise of getting older makes you wonder what would have happened if we had done things sooner. Courage to all you who would like to get out. Its nerve wracking, its exciting and believe me you will not regret it. They say try something 3 times. The first to experience it, the second to learn about it and the third to decide if you like it or not. I endorse that. get out 3 times then take the decision

If anyone needs advice we are all here to help as I have been helped by the supportive girls in this group

Enjoy what you are as we are all differenttumblr_lohvloWOPP1qao1t8o1_400

This was written 2 years ago. Since then I have been discovered by my now ex-wife. But the main reason she separated from me was not because of my dressing but because of the lies and the break in trust that had occurred in our lives together. In actual fact I am better away from her and we have a much better relationship. But that is only my story.

I always counseled others not to tell their partner as the effect on their relationship could be catastrophic and they should not be selfish and think only of their problems. How many girls have I met who live in fear of their wives/friends/families discovering who/what they are. This causes frustration in your life and blocks in your relationship. I cannot give you a solution. What I can tell you is that as time progresses the more times that you dress the greater the chances of being discovered and how you will be unprepared to answer the questions that are thrown at you if you are ‘found out’. How many times have I left a pair of knickers under the bed, a corset falling out of a bag in the loft where I stored my wardrobe or a website open on my computer only to be lucky enough to find it before someone else does! You must think through how you would answer the questions:

  • Why do you do it
  • Why do you want to look the way you are
  • Are you gay
  • Do you play when dressed
  • What do you want from the future
  • Why did you not tell me

Just as you plan how you want to look start to analyse why you do it and be able to answer the searching questions in a more positive manner. Try to put things in perspective from everyone’s point of view.

If you need help just drop me a line