This was the first question I was asked by my then wife when she found out about Tara. It’s a topic that raises its head time and time again amongst the TV community. Many people fail to understand the difference between gender and sexuality and tightly put people into simple boxes 100% male or 100% female and 100% gay or 100% straight. Modern society is slowly realising there are so many layers to our personality that to confine them to easy to understand boxes is now far too simplistic. I prefer the fact that I think we are gender and sexually fluid and to constrain us to one little box is impossible for all time is just plain nuts. We need to re-think what these traits are.
shutterstock_133966718 (1)So what exactly is Gay then? Funny how we don’t us the word homosexual instead we like to us a softer term that in the past meant showing a merry and lively mood, a hedonistic approach to life, not fancying other blokes. That’s one for the psychologists. I am here to discuss the sexual aspects of Transvestism but only I stress from my myopic and very fluid point of view.
Personally I think there are very few totally heterosexual or totally homosexual people in society. OK there may be an occasional one at the extremes just like any bell curve and, more importantly,  those who have been brainwashed by various elements of society into being told they are one or the other, but the reality is we all exist somewhere along the continuum. I also think that things such as dressing bring out an exploratory nature to our sexuality and we can change our position along the continuum from time to time as the mood takes us. I can remember in the olden days when you scored a try at rugby the ‘blokes’ would shake your hand, nowadays they mob each other with hugs kisses etc. it’s allowed now, it’s no longer considered gay! Society in general is much more touchy-feely than was thought proper in the past and as a result people are allowed to express themselves in a more open manner
Putting on a dress and make up has a dual effect allowing you to hide behind a mask and express an inner person at the same time.Here you can indulge in private fantasies that are not really a part of your ‘normal’ sexuality but are fun to experiment with. It almost gives you permission to test your own boundaries. Most of the time it’s not about actually having sex its more the feelings it conjures up inside you, a part of you that s hidden. Most TV’s (note not necessarily TS’s) are teasers they like the fact that their dressing messes with people’s perceptions of what men and women are.  They enjoy the fact that they are showing off an aspect of themselves which conflicts with the norms of society and in love it when they get the recognition that they seek, which they probably crave, but realise Mr Sexual Norm would never get in day-to-day boy mode.
It’s a release from the confines of ‘normal’ living. Some can take it too far and become a Tranny sensationalist but inside most of us there is an element of wanting to show off a bit.So the dresses are too short the make-up over the top, the heels too high and the wigs too bouffant, but it works for the vast majority of us.
 This trapped Genie has to come out of the bottle from time-to-time and almost all of us love to feel sexy, something we rarely feel in boy mode which we refer to as Mr Grey, Mr Yawn, Mr Grumpy, Mr Average etc. So many of the TV’s I know use dressing as substitute for sex which stopped long ago with their partner and need some form of release to feel sexier again. Its their coping strategy for lost sensations.Unfortunately this sends out the wrong notes to many saying ‘that Tranny is on the pull for a guy’.xkgety6i56967fe7d816d039458452
Dressing also brings out other parts of your personality which are probably more gregarious in what they will do. By breaking with what you are meant to do you look at life from a different perspective. You suddenly realise how ‘vanilla’ your life had become you were always talking about events not feelings and emotions. Boy mode tells stories girl mode makes them!
Many of my Tranny friends have said that dressing has allowed them to just enjoy all aspects of life as many of the barriers or taboos have been lifted by them moving away from the constraints of social order. They look at society as having too may strictures that bind and control people’s true personalities. Embracing the TV side allows for experimentation fantasy and fun which might otherwise be frowned upon.There is a need for balance in many people lives a sort of Yin and Yang that needs to live in equilibrium.
My partner Susie finds exactly this at her dressing service Chateau Femme. She has a very strong coterie of Maids and Sissies (which is a strand of Transvestism) that just like to let go. Almost all would say the reason why they like being a maid or a sissy is the fact that in their stressful world they can, for a short time, let go of everything that constrains them in their male side and allows them to express a softer out of control side which balances up their personality. Others find different routes, which is great just as long as it does not harm others.
I find that having quite a strong OCD side to my personality my dressing allows me to relax and switch off. I can enjoy the softer sexier aspects of my personality which lie dormant at other times and are replaced by an organised controlled lifestyle. One irony of this is that in boy mode I can cook rather well, but when in Tranny mode I cannot cook for toffee!
girlinmirrorSo of course letting go of the boundaries regarding how we look will naturally allow you to look at your sexuality. The problem is that we can get confused with sexy and sexual desires. Also if we dress in a rather provocative way and people start flattering you with compliments which you would never get in the man world then elements of confusion arrive. Many, many, many TV’s have had a homoerotic encounter of one type or another, it is part of their coming of age, there is a need to discover what the hell that is about. It’s a rite of passage, but of those that I have talked to (who would consider themselves heterosexual) about 80% say they would not be doing it again. Dressing allowed them to push their limits because they were running a different mindset. The other 20% do say that they realised as a result of the experience that they are bi-sexual.
Another problem is that few women are interested in having sex with a Tranny we cross too many boundaries and confuse too many of the rules that bind our society. The bulk of TV’s want sex with women but the distinction of who does what to whom and how just buggers up the whole process. (Sorry bugger is probably the wrong word.)I find it takes a very strong women to take on a Tranny because they are effectively going out with two people at the same time. So where does a Tranny who is feeling sexy and/or sexual go?
Our male side enjoys sex we don’t have as many hang ups as women have about it. Love to us is about companionship partnership sharing caring and looking after your partner.
Sex is a fantastic plus, but men also like sex for the sake of sex. Most of us are genetically programmed to want it, sorry need it! Unfortunately this results is an element of promiscuity that is frowned upon and in Tranny mode this can have many manifestations…good and bad!
This would imply that we give into our Id all the time, for some maybe but for the vast majority we make the mistake once learn and move on. The result is a phenomenal number of highly turned on Trannies wishing they could find a girl to enjoy this lifestyle. In turn they are being complimented by real women who say they look fantastic but do not want the complications of a third-party in their relationship who probably has better legs than them!
It also doesn’t help either that a large number of TV’s here in the UK go out to Gay clubs that are more welcoming and friendly to them than the straight bars and as a result are seen as going there to pick up men! They would probably like to go to a straighter (but slightly kinky) environment but don’t want the embarrassment of being vilified in public as not looking like a real woman! So they end up in the wrong place doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and then worrying if they have suddenly become Gay!
So to answer the question are you gay? Probably not. You are certainly not absolutely straight but you feel sexy and alive with few societal restrictions on you allowing you to do what you want. So a bit bi-sexual probably but in reality just want some fun with a real woman but sometimes something else will do!  Confused? I bloody well hope so!  XXX