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The Tart and BDSM

As Tara matures, and is she getting old, she is developing down a more fetishistic path in and around the BDSM theater. This has positively been enhanced by my new lover who has opened my eyes to so many new things. But as with everything this a very wide area of interests and I have been trying to narrow down my indulgences.

Lets be honest I dress as I do because I get a thrill seeing a tarty slut in the mirror in front of me. This changes my mindset and I want to play. In the past this has been with a dominant mistress, though from time to time I like to play the Mistress role, as I love to dress for the part! Now with my new partner it is about us discovering ourselves. IMG_5358_pp

My problem is that I am not a pain junky but my girlfriend likes to give it out. So there is an opening for a pin loving TV…interviews  over the Christmas period! Most  mistresses love to inflict pain in one form or another as part of their enjoyment. However the concept of being beaten mercilessly, or for that matter even severely, beaten so that I am marked, or worse even draw blood, has absolutely no interest to me. However my partner is starting to turn my mind…! I fully understand the issue of releasing endorphins that somehow send you into a numbed ‘subspace’ but to me it’s the mental aspects of domination that really excites me. The concept that someone is turning you to their own fantasy and that you have to work to please them is extremely erotic. On the ‘journey’ you have to endure certain sensorial elements that unnerve and excite you. It’s not a state of relaxation but a voyage of discovery.

As I have said in previous posts I had a long standing relationship with a Mistress who correctly identified me as a sensation seeker not a person seeking an endorphin rush. She instinctively knew that I had to be pushed by new horizons and new challenges. But at the same time the sessions were sensorial and full of heightened erotic tension using the voice and touch allied to plenty of restriction and play. Now with the mistressing in the background I have discovered a completely different world of a genuine play partner who excites and entices me as well as encourages me and expands my experiences in a warm and trusting environment

Girls you have to try this get on Fetlife or Alt and change from the casual to the regular with people who are similar minded. Why did it take so long for us all to discover these places!


You have to experiment and my quest continues with this darling woman. I have had many blind alleys such as bodily fluids, blood, beatings, asphyxiation and other such elements that have left me decidedly cold. I have also over the last few years been a bit of a journeyman fetishist. I have visited many mistresses (and a couple of masters) in search of a nirvana which I did not really know. Now with my true soulmate that nirvana has finally been achieved

Is This A Drug?

It is interesting how having stopped dressing and participating in the fun activities that are associated with it for a few weeks I had few genuine urges to dress again. I think this was mainly due to the fact that I had a stunning new girlfriend who loves to indulge in fun and encourages the urges of Tara. But because of the ‘other’ activities many of my sexual urges have been sated. But then a few days ago when she was out an opportunity presented itself to me and lo in the mirror in front of me was a person who I suddenly found that I had missed. It is quite odd but some of us actually get a great thrill from doing things that are intrinsically unacceptable to the bulk of the community at large. We enjoy the whole illicit covert nature of what we are doing. It in particular gives me a sexual thrill. When it is accepted by the rank and file we have to move things on ourselves.


Another factor is I always like the ‘mind fuck’ aspect of dressing turning the vanilla male into the slutty female personality that lies within. but for me this takes time. the laying out of the clothes and equipment the washing shaving cleaning out etc. The makeup the dressing and the prancing around. All of this I like to do in private. I want everyone to see the butterfly..or should that be moth emerge. I don’t like people watching the transition. This is an intensely personal time of mental change for me.

I cannot explain what drives me to do it, I never have,  but I realise that if I want to I can put Tara away for long periods of time. However on returning this reawakens a whole plethora of activities. I look at more shopping sites I watch make-up tutorials I look at more sites relating to tranny matters, It seems a bit like listening to a music track incessantly for  a period of time to then put it away only to re-discover it a few months later and play it over and over again. Its almost like a drug that is not completely addictive but something you enjoy using from time to time.

From not really having thought about it I now start to think when looking at someone ‘what would he look like in drag?’ or a woman/TV ‘how has she achieved that look?’ or  ‘what is the best beard cover?’ ‘ who is up for fun on TXChix?’ who are the current mistresses in my area who like TVs? Its a great ‘mind play’as the Americans say. As the largest sexual organ your brain loves to play tricks with you and certain sights are the trigger to a new part of your mind that can be closed for periods of time.


But awaken that giant and you step into a realm of fantasy and discovery that you had been quite happy to leave alone. It seems that is why so many of us can stop dressing for periods of time because other things take priority, but then when it becomes a bit quieter those pangs and longings return.

I particularly love stockings as you can see and in summer its just too hot to wear them so Tara tends to take a backseat during the warmer months. But come the cooler winter months when things happen indoors she comes out and she gets more adventurous as time goes on and the looks decline. So here we are at nearing autumn 2013 and the girl is in search of new fun with her new Mistress. I am so lucky to have met someone who understands me and we are on a voyage of discovery to tell you all about

The sexy lady I adore

The sexy lady I adore

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