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As promised in my last blog lets move on from relationships. Now I know Christmas is a long way off but its one of those times when there are so many opportunities to get out dressed. My partner Susie at her dressing service at Chateau Femme gets a significant number of requests to go out either on her own or as part of our group Susie’s Angels. But for this we need to look good, or as good as we can get. Short of surgery, especially in my case, or lying through the photoshop or portrait professional pictue adaption software there are a few tips for helping us ageing trannies. To you younger ones reading this blog I say bitch! I hate you and wish I had been born in an era that was as acceting of transevstism. Just read this and realise all the effort we have to go through at our advanced age!!!4223030276_d031fd6e03_m
I was delighted to read an article by Helen Mirren on how she looked so good at her age. Basically she is saying use shorter hair, those longer tresses half way down your back as they are for the young, but still as men cover your ears  as they tend to be larger than women’s . Go blonde, very blonde, wear a lot more sparkle and go a shade darker in your foundation so the contrast makes the face much brighter.
Other things I have found work for me is go to light brown eyebrows as opposed todarker colours as this tends to make your now drooping eyes look larger,  lay off heavy eyeliner and mascara. One I also like is using using a contrasting lip colour to define the lips and give you a pout!
An article I found on Women Fashion Tips which I paraphrase below gave a set of really good tips on ageing make-up as follows:
Ageing is the fact of life but wrinkles and fine lines showing up on your face is an ugly fact indeed. So, you can change this by applying makeup properly to your face. Unlike what many women think, you really do not need to go for harsh skin treatments only to end up hurting your skin; instead you can use your makeup kit in a slightly different way to achieve a younger look. Remember, using the right amount of makeup will help in reducing wrinkle display. By following makeup tips to look younger you will continue to receive compliments from others on your young look.
When we apply anti-ageing makeup it should fulfil certain criteria which will help you understand that you have achieved the desired look. The makeup should:

  • Reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines
  • Conceal dark circles and age spots
  • Moisturize your skin evenly to provide a hydrated look
  • Provide sun protection
  • Improve your good features
Man to WomanOnce you find your make-up provides all these you know that you have achieved the desired effect.
Anti-Ageing Makeup Primers
Applying anti aging makeup primers is one of the best makeup tips to look younger because it absorbs the extra oil secreted by your skin glands making you appear fresh all day. Use it under your makeup to get the best results.
Applying Foundation
Apply foundations that are light in texture with moisturizing effect for your skin to cover up your age spots and wrinkles. Using proper skin toned foundation is among the most important makeup tips to look younger. Mineral foundations render a glow to your skin without the oily effect and blending it properly can work wonders.
Face Powder
Some face powders are available with minerals and anti-aging elements; apply these to get the desired effect. In fact, it is wise to use powder sparingly.
Applying Blusher
The most significant of makeup tips to look younger is the application of blusher. When used properly on the apple of cheeks and blended nicely it can provide the best result and you will appear half your age. Also apply a shimmery shadow on the cheekbones to provide an uplifting effect for sagging skin. For an evening look use a matte variety of the same shade. It is also recommended to use creamy blushers instead of powders for a healthy rosy glow on your cheeks.
Eye Makeup
Remember, that you have to achieve a softer look for your eyes and thus apply the liner closest to the eyelash and smudge it with gentle hands. Doing a proper eye makeup is often most vital among the makeup tips to look younger. Use brow powder or eye shadow to fill in sparse eyebrows and sweep it gently over them to make the brows appear voluminous.
Key to the makeup tips to look younger, a concealer as the name suggests conceals the fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles on your face. Makeup experts advise applying liquid concealer of a lighter shade than your skin tone on the inner and outer corner of the eyes to achieve the desired effect. Concealers can also be used on small blemishes and marks to cover them up.
Using Lipstick
With age the lips lose its rosy so start using rosy lipsticks to make them appear full, hydrated and beautiful. A little amount of gloss in the midsection of the lower lip will make it look fuller. Also consider using fillers. Tinted lip balms are great makeup tip to look younger.
Hair Style 
Crucial to makeup tips to look younger is a good hair style that makes your hair appear voluminous, soft and shiny. Get long and loose curls on your hair to make them voluminous and bouncy and use hair color sparingly These are simple tips but give all of us some guidelines. Lisa Eldridge also has some very good tips for eyes at Lisa Eldridge and Elle magazine shows you common mistakes you can make. Finally for all of us who wear wigs it can be a ‘glowing’ and denuding experience if you are hitting the dance floor at the festive time of year. A good guide for you is at Anna Marie Gianni
Get Practicing!!!tumblr_mt4u0o4Yju1qggxuvo1_500

Next blog will look at a few of the Christmas pitfalls for us girls!  XXX

OK I had this on the page and withdrew it for offence. I am now reposting it with a few amendments so hopefully no offence! But I had enough feedback to say that it was worth revising….

Lets get things straight I am totally mind blowingly in love with my new(ish) partner Susie. Over the last 12SAM_0276crop_ppsm months a large amount of my world has been turned upside down through personal tragedy and other crazy family matters. Throughout this though has been one magnificent ray of light who has released my inner anxieties, who has de-stressed my whole life and lifestyle. I will be eternally in her debt.
I used to live with a wife who knew nothing of Tara and frowned upon such activities. To whom sex and sexuality as a very very straight matter. Now I live with a woman who adores trannies and understands them implicitly. I used to hide my dressing, even then it was only occasional. Now we have regular girls nights in  where we dress and play as a wild passionate couple. Going out was a thing filled with trepidation, particularly as it was on my own. Now we are out and about wherever whenever…(though I still find walking dressed as a tart in the street a little embarrassing, but that is part of the thrill!)
Because Susie has been in this scene a long time (she runs one of the UK’s best dressing services) she doesn’t get as embarrassed as I do when out with a Tranny. Though sometimes I have to remind her that the vanilla people are a little shocked by Trannies and she should reign it back a little as I hate people to feel uncomfortable when they are out. This is one life for all!
For those of you in the closet reading this, who want to get out, to show themselves, to meet others I can only give you a brief glimpse of the wonderful feeling. The feeling  that comes with the removal of that heavy burden caused by the sense of guilt of being a TV, the stress caused by hiding this from your loved ones and yourself and the constant feeling that you are misunderstood and deceiving others. There is no magic formula. I ended up divorced and then met my perfect partner. Many say I am lucky. The fact is we each have to find a path that causes all the least pain
I wake up in the mornings with a pure sense of elation in the knowledge I can indulge my fantasies without anyone being judgemental or disdainful and in particular lacking and understanding of what drives us . Instead I surround myself with people who comprehend where I am coming from and welcome it with open arms. I have found it difficult to come to terms with. The guilt trip is slowly receding into the background and I am letting it happen. More importantly my partner has not pushed me too hard but just let me take it a step at a time.
This weekend was however a watershed weekend for Tara. We had a complete weekend to ourselves. On Friday night it was Girl and Boy night and we spent long hours into the morning discussing how we wanted to live in our Vanilla life . On Saturday we had a girl and girl night where again we completely opened up to one another. It led to a very strong and deep set of feelings between us. A sensation of complete and utter trust in one another that just made me love her more . Suddenly in boy mode I was de-facto going to be the person who was to be in charge (mainly because she is a little disorganised). But when both of us are in girl mode then the roles are to be reversed allowing us to explore some sides of our many faceted personalities.
In neither case its not really a heavy Sub-Dom relationship just a way of establishing roles and protocol. We hand over an element of control for our activities.
Susie said  ‘this is going to get dangerous’
I said ‘do you have a problem with that’
‘no I was just thinking of you’
‘but its me who is opening Pandora’s box, do you worry what might emerge’
‘no its just the time is right for both of us as I can indulge in my fantasies as well’
‘this is going to be a very interesting ride’
tumblr_lf4fg20Y4N1qf4898o1_250More importantly for us is that we are now able to investigate our fantasies and that will be a new phase in the development of our relationship. We agreed there would be some dead ends but in the main we were in the same mind set. I love to keep the boy and Tara very separate in my mind. I enjoy both sides. When I dress my mind switches and Tara emerges, it takes a couple of hours but Susie says she sees a completely different person emerge and that for me is what this is all about. What I love now is that Susie has allowed me to adapt at my own pace to accepting that Tara can come out. She is now moving me further down a route that she wants to go and I am loving every minute of it!

London Fetish Weekend Party

Time for a fun night out. Has been such a long time since I last went to a great fetish event. I am much more of one who loves to watch rather than participate in the harder things that can go on at such events. So finding that the weekend ball was going to be a mix of 5 different clubs namely  Decadence  Subversion  Imaginariam Wonderland  and Bound! we just had to go. My partner and I are just gun play partners being lightly Dom and Sub so we go to watch and exhibit a little. The overriding feel was see and be seen. For trannies the skirts were short heels were higher everyone made an effort to impress and people who did not got nowhere near the entrance.

LFW2013-1st-flyer-small The event was very busy and incredibly erotic and highly sexually charged. The variety of fetish on show truly covered most of the fetish scene. It was not a place to put your feet up, unless it was in rope bondage. I adored seeing so many clever fashion folk who obviously had spent a lot of money on making themselves look as they did.

These people are out to enjoy their life and express it in a different form to many others. What is surprising is the diversity of age and sex that come here.  Almost everybody wants to watch others. You do not come to an event like this without a serious amount of eye contact. People come here to be playful and this place feels so much safer than other bars and clubs because the attendees have an overriding respect for one another. All are friendly and love to chat with strangers and just enjoy the whole aspect of the event. My only problem as an older tart is I hate the music. I just wish with such a diverse age group they would focus on some floor fillers .

One of the problems however for the uninitiated  (poorly informed) is that they see these these type of events as a sordid adventure populated by aggressive vulgar people who are mildly depraved. Instead a nice night in with Bruce Forsyth is a more pleasurable experience.

When you meet these people you find intelligent creative people with a warm soul who like to push the boundaries beyond the norm. The thought, time and effort they put into this type of event is just incredible. Yes of course it is sexy. That is a core of many beings and this gives them an outlet to express this sensual aspect of their personality.

What I love most is that it gets you to use your brain. Nothing is passive here. If you enjoy expanding your mind and don’t want to be a vegetable by the age of 50 use and get along there. Nothing shocks and the only barrier is your own fears. You will not be the oldest, youngest, ugliest, sexiest or most outlandish there is always someone more wayward than you!

Thanks guys for organising such a great event xxx T

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