A Happy Christmas to all readers. Hopefully this year the blog has allowed you all to see you are neither alone nor an exception to what is going on in the T-Girl world. Your problems and adventures are shared by so many and whilst you may be unique a lot of the things that may concern you are shared by others.

I was out last week with a few girls at the Big Night Out at Pink Punters near Milton Keynes, which is a great place for your first night out dressed if you fancy it, and after several hours chat I realised we all had so much in common. So I thought as a rather light hearted side I would reveal the common elements of going out en femme.
  1. The Planning – starts about 2 weeks out as I go through my entire wardrobe thinking what might work and what will not only to find a week beforehand that there is a theme for the night I had missed. Oh good a chance to add to the wardrobe!
  2. Shopping – I cant believe I told the lady in Debenhams that the underwear  (nice bra and panties) I was buying was for me. She then helped me to a quiet cubicle and gave me so many options! Why was I so scared of what she might think!
  3. The Hotel – Aaaargh! I have to walk through the hotel lobby dressed! Hotels have never seen any ‘different’ guests. Everyone they see and meet is normal. They will look at me as a freak amongst the thousands of faceless guests they serve every year as employees of a large faceless multi-national. There is no way that they see me as a guest that provides some novelty and a break from the bland that makes life more varied and fun!
  4. The Suitcase – for a one night away this is akin to a 2 week holiday clothes terms. You can always tell a Tranny’s luggage. All girls bring at least 5 outfits to try out or experiment, then opt for their favourite as they know they will be both sexy and comfortable in it!
  5. Shoes – God we love those high high heels but after much experience we all know that at a certain point in the evening due to alcohol or just pure fatigue your calves give way and you seem to be stumbling around. You need those reserve flats that you have brought in your handbag
  6. Timing – you’ve got to the room in plenty of time hang up things, you lay your clothes for the night out , have that lovely shower and de-fuzz and generally de-stress. Then suddenly you only have 15 minutes to get ready and you know it will normally take another 45 minutes. Where the bloody hell did that time go. You spent too long in the shower getting rid of that last hair, you spent too much time getting the foundation perfect, you had difficulty finding things in the mess in the suitcase, on your bed, floor, wardrobe, corridor outside. You had to try on those 8 outfits at least twice and look for combinations. I need 8 hours to prepare far less 2! I will never complain if a woman is an hour late again!
  7. Extras – nails, false eyelashes, hip pads, gaffs, shapewear etc. etc. etc. all those extras that help you transform but in the panic to get out on time at least half of them will be jettisoned. Did I really need 4 foundations, three shades of red lipstick, tights, hold ups, stockings and suspenders as well as 3 handbags 2 coats and 4 jackets and not a pair of jeans in sight!
  8. Photos – do I want them taken oh yes I must have a record of the night…but then what if someone from accounts spots them on the TVChix website or they gain access to another girls website with my pic as part of the group on it. No I will play safe and sit in the background. They can instantly recognise me with this make-up and wig on in amongst the other 70 trannies at this event!
  9. My Skirt/Dress – its too short!  Look at me a Tranny of advancing years parading around in a short skirt and heels what will people think. Oh that girl over there is doing the same and that one oh and that one as well, and oh my God that real girl is twice my size and wearing an even shorter skirt…it looks great!
  10. I Am Not Going To Pass – nope you are not, you will be clocked by looks, demeanour, voice, nerves, wig, make up. Get over it. Trannies now just accept it. They are making their statement. They conform to their principles not being a doormat for society’s conformist minority. Ultimately within realistic bounds what is the worst thing that can happen.
  11. What am I to say – I would love to talk about me and what I am going through but that would be too rude! Oh we are all doing it and I am not the only one thinking like this!
  12. Well At Least I Won’t Get Chatted Up! – I cant believe so many strangers women, men and in-betweenies were interested in me. I wish I had thought what I was going to say especially when they asked me out! And as for that cheeky barman!!!
  13. Am I Going Gay – I really liked being chatted up by that bloke. It was such a buzz and I even started to flirt with him! This Tranny mindset is really playing with my sexuality. And I must stop stroking these highjly erotic sensual stockings all the time. Thankfully it all came crashing down when I tried to run my fingers through my hair and the wig did a 90 degree turn
  14. Christmas – bloody hell its cold in this short skirt and stockings! I really have to think boots, long coat, gloves,scarf and a portable log fire. Not flimsy bomber and strappy sandals.
  15. The Bag Lady – this envelope the call a bag is useless for the 4 cats of primer plus 2 mascaras, lip liner, lipstick nail glue, spare tights, bpy wallet (because I hadn’t thought girl purse) keys etc etc etc.
  16. Drink – oh dear the nerves got the better of me and I polished off those two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc (extra large) far too fast in the first 15 minutes
  17. And So To Bed – wow what an evening, I wished it hadn’t ended and why was I so scared. But oh being scared was really exciting

Get out girls and have a very merry Christmas time. Or at least make a New Years Resolution to do it. See you at ethe BNO in January

xxx Tara