A Shining Light

Well those who have read my previous blog know that we have taken a bit of a step back on the Tara front for the last few weeks whilst my partner Susie and I come to terms with how we play the whole Tranny scenario. This might seem ironic as Susie has been running a TV Dressing Service called Chateau Femme for over 10 years. But dressing Trannies and living with one are a very different concept. We did get out to The Magic Theatre for one night dressed, which was absolutely brilliant (pic attached) but otherwise it has been a very barren time! I had moved all Tara’s stuff into storage so there was no temptation and we got on with enjoying each others company as boy and girl.
It did however give us both a chance to reassess what had happened and how Tara fits into our relationship. Not an easy thing as she is a fairly introspective animal! Our own personal relationship in the intervening time has gone from strength to strength and is right up there in the clouds where it should be, that was always the intention of this step back. However we also realised that we both missed Tara. This came to a head recently when we were at a friend’s house for Dinner and everyone was dressed except me. At the end of the night it was obvious we had to do something. So a couple of days later a loving, rational, conversation took place over a couple of bottles of wine…as usual!
During our chat we realised that we had both misunderstood what the other was saying and in a couple of instances downright lied to one another as a form of comeback. We are big enough old enough (or is that mature enough) and in love enough to put things behind us and redefine where Tara sits. A lesson for all to check what you are saying is being interpreted in the manner you expect.
My love to use the word SLUT  in defining Tara had been the core of the problem. Susie’s definition of a slut was one who dresses up in strong make-up (oh yes) some tarty outfit and heels (yep that’s me) parades around showing off (guilty milord) looking for attention (now that’s not me) having a flirty chat (yes again) with the intention of being picked up (no chance) and going back to somebody’s for sex (not a hope in hell). So of course if you defined a Slut as this then its right to assume if Tara wanders off she is up to no good. That of course was not the case and Susie now realises that as with some of her girls at dressings there is an element inside that seeks approval for all the efforts and the look  that they are putting on show. Having a wander round a bar or club chatting to others does not constitute a pick up, but Susie said it aroused an element of jealousy she had never experienced before. Sorry darling hopefully we have that back on-line and Tara is ready to step out on a reasonably regular basis again…big sigh from all!


Alive Again

Susie says that this blog is written as a letter to her. In some ways she is right but it’s still meant to give an insight into my side of the Tranny continuum. The amount of times I hear conversations with girls where they find it difficult to communicate with their partners as to why they love to dress is amazing. So many, me included, have been in stressful situations at work or home or in life in general find an element of calm descending on them when they dress. It becomes a bit of a drug and they realise that the whole process of dressing is as much a coping mechanism as it is a release of the inner person (Note I rarely say its my feminine side I just feel it’s another side to my personality). In some cases this manifests itself in sex other times a need to get out and at its basic level purely that time alone looking at yourself dressed in the mirror. However explaining this to someone else is nigh on impossible. Communication is at the core of expressing who you are but you need a calm, rational, non-judgemental conversation to help both of you around this situation. Thanks Susie I still say lol should be lots of love not laugh out loud!

I think we have had too many deep thought offerings over last few weeks so the next few posts will be about dressing tips as Christmas is coming and this old bird is getting fat! All comments gratefully received XXX