This site does deal with certain sexual matters. So if you are underage 21 please do look elsewhere. Thanks.

Yes This Is Your Host

As with any blogging website my first post is naturally to introduce myself to the world that is interested in me. Or should that be may be interested in me. I am developing it mainly as a help site for Cross dressers and Transvestites. When I started there was no internet and no resources to help me live my rather solitary existence. Nowadays these resources abound and this is my attempt to help those in the formative part of their discovering the Tranny world.

So who am I? Well I am a mature male to female transvestite who had been dressing for over 25 years

I am a part time TV who enjoys the sensual rush from dressing as Tara. I do not want to nor wish to dress all the time. This is about me playing with my biggest sex organ ‘The Brain’. I am labelled a ‘Fetishistic Transvestite’ by many because I enjoy the ‘rush’ dressing up gives me. To me a TV is a person who enjoys being a heterosexual male but from time to time also adores venturing to the other side of their sexuality. This is not about being Gay or a desire to change one’s gender by cutting bits off. Instead its a fun, sexy hobby that releases the inner slut that lies hidden under the layers of my vanilla male exterior that is conditioned by the social moirés of todays world.

I adore the company of women, but when dressed I love changing my personality that allows me to embrace new horizons and the many aspects of my persona. Exploring these new sensations gives me the biggest thrill of excitement. When eventually this goes so will Tara. But there are no signs of that abating…yet!

I am not going to be one of those who feels they are compelled to dress, I do it because I enjoy the intense fun and fun times it gives me. I do it when I feel the need to. I adore seeing the change that overcomes me when I put on the so called ‘forbidden’ items that are denied to the male of the species. It is incredible that if you take it down to the basics these are just clothes!  Why is it so awful to see a man in heels and stockings? Just another part of our repressed intolerant society coming to the fore.

I am smooth, 75kg, average build taking a size 14 dress and a size 8 (UK) shoe. I adore a full transformation including make up wig and, oddly, breast forms and love to use a corset for the right figure. I am a switch in play games which tend to air on the lighter erotic nature rather than heavier play. I indulge these with other women of any persuasion! Sorry but I just don’t find men my bag, and its just not the reason I dress, instead its based on a very selfish need from within.

To me dressing is about having fun and letting go. I am sorry that the taboos of today say that it is wrong for a man to wear a dress heels and a wig. It almost seems like a religion where people are trying to control your thoughts and deeds. My thought is, as long as I do not offend anyone in public then what I do in private and within the confines of sites like this seems reasonable. On the other hand I believe that where many TV’s go wrong is in forcing their lifestyle on others. Pleas enjoy it and be respectful of others values and beliefs. (By the way if you dislike TV’s why are you here reading this!).

Yes This Is Your Host